38-year-old woman with Down syndrome still missing: ‘Please find her’ says mom. Spread the word!

It’s now been 11 months since 38-year-old Sarah Galloway vanished from her rural home in Picture Rocks, near Tucson, Arizona. But her family continue to be inundated with prayers and messages of support hoping for her safe return.

Sarah, who stands 4 feet 11 inches, and weighs 100Ibs, has brown hair and eyes, which are crossed, while she suffers from Down syndrome.


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The 38-year-old’s mother, Sherry, has continued to appeal for her safe return, imploring people to bring her home if they see her.

“If you see her, just bring her home. Drop her off, go on, just bring her home safe, that’s all,” Sherry said, according to Kold.
Sherry has always been close with her daughter.

She says Sarah used to love talking to herself, and would often pretend to conversations with friends or talk about day to day details.

On March 21 2019, however, things changed. 66-year-old Sherry emerged from the shower and and settled down on her bed, only to realize that she could no longer hear Sarah talking.

She went looking for her daughter, starting with a search of the house, but Sarah had vanished.

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Today’s #wherearetheywednesday is in our hometown of #tucsonarizona . Sarah Galloway, 38-years-old, went missing on March 21st, 2019. She was last seen at her home around 7am-8am, but no information has been found since. . Sarah was wearing a dark-grey knitted button up sweater, red shortsleeved T-shirt with some type of black lettering on the front, black polyester type pants, and rainbow and unicorn shoes. Sarah also wears light brown, oval shape, plastic framed glasses but it is unknown if she was wearing them when she went missing. . The active search has now been ceased by law enforcement, but the case will continue to be investigated. . Please, if you see Sarah or have any information contact the Pima County Sheriff’s Department at (520)351-4600. . #crimequadpodcast #quadsquad #tucson #pimacounty #sarahgalloway #missingpersons #namus #truecrime #truecrimecommunity #girlswhopodcast

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“My first thought was that she’d just walked further than she was allowed,” Galloway said. “I got in the car and drove down the road. No Sarah. I was freaking out. … Within about 10 minutes, we’d called 911.”

At the time of her disappearance, Sarah was wearing a grey sweater, a red T-shirt and black pants. The search for her has since continued on foot, and by car and air, but law enforcement professionals have had no luck as of yet.

“She’s a vulnerable adult and we’re doing everything we can to locate her,” said a spokesman of the Pima County. “We’re looking to the public to supply any tips they have.”

In May last year, Pima County Sheriff’s Department concluded their search for Sarah, but is still hopeful the public could provide new leads on the case.

Sherry, meanwhile, continues to appeal for her adopted daughter’s safe return.

“She is the most precious thing in the world to our family,” she said. “Every time I open my eyes in the morning I’m thinking about Sarah. Please find her and bring her home. Let us rest.

“I miss having her come and kiss on me in the morning. I miss having her kiss me at night when she’d go to bed.

“She’s super-friendly. No one is a stranger to her. But she needs supervision to care for herself. She cannot operate a cell phone.”

Change in behavior
Furthermore, Sherry explained that Sarah had been acting strange prior to her disappearance.

“It was really weird. She was fantasizing about someone — an acquaintance — being her husband, telling me that this guy was going to do bad things to me. We didn’t know where that was coming from or what to think.”

According to information in the Facebook group Finding Sarah Galloway the search is still ongoing.

Of course, it’s our aim to help spread the word about Sarah. She will never be forgotten and we will never stop looking her.

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