70-year-old Grandma cleans 52 beaches in one year, shows us it’s not to late to save the planet

It’s sometimes easy to forget, in the midst of everyday life, to think about our planet. Well, I should say to think about saving our planet … from ourselves.

Unfortunately, it’s beyond argument now that something needs to be done if we’re to protect the earth for future generations. In a relative blink of an eye, we’ve eaten up resources, contaminated our air and polluted the beauty of Mother Nature.


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Well, there are those who are now aiming to un-do the damage, and 70-year-old Pat Smith, a citizen of Cornwall in the UK, is one of them.

She watched a documentary about plastic pollution and decided she simply had to do something about it. So she did … in a big way.

When Pat Smith watched a documentary on how the use of plastic is destroying our planet, she could barely sleep. She woke up the next morning with a resolution: she was going to clean one beach per week for the entirety of 2018!

Naturally, the people who lived near her in Cornwall loved the idea. They set about helping her achieve her aim, and throughout the year she, along with the help of dedicated volunteers and her grandchildren, cleaned up 52 beaches!

Now, that alone would be great if it was the end of the story, but it gets better.

Pat launched a campaign called The Final Straw. It’s mission? To raise awareness of the uselessness of plastic straws, and the harm they cause worldwide to the environment, with the ultimate objective being a plastic-free world.

Pat’s work on the beaches of Cornwall is perfect proof that even little changes can make a huge difference. We don’t need things like plastic straws, they have simply become a luxury we are accustomed to. Unfortunately, the harm they do on a global scale is something that must be addressed if we are to preserve the world as we know it for future generations.

Pat, we take our hats of to you! Your work is fantastic, inspiring and we hope it continues for a long time yet.

Do you take care to limit your use of plastic? Are you ready to join Pat Smith and the rest of us in striving for a plastic-free world? Let us know in the comments box blow.

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