Cruel truck driver glues puppy’s tail and legs together to fit of anger

It’s a sad fact that some adults take their life’s woes out on those around them.

Unfortunately, those around them can also stretch to pets who cannot scream for help or let others know they are suffering.

A recent case outraged the nation when a truck driver took out his anger and stress on a puppy in a horrific way.

The thought of inflicting this kind of suffering on an animal let alone actually doing it is beyond belief.

Officers were shocked to find it in his truck with his legs and tail glued together.

Danny L. Gonzalez from Harlingen, Texas, had clashed with police after they were called to reports of a trucker “driving erratically” on the highway.

Gonzalez had reportedly rammed a Cadilac repeatedly and crashed into the roadway’s cable barrier. Police caught up with him in Bullitt County, Kentucky.

Bullitt County Sheriff’s Capt. Mike Murdoch, said: “He was spinning in the grass, staring straight ahead. Actually, had to take him out at gunpoint.”

‘Charged with abuse’
After officers had managed to stop him, they checked his truck, only to find a horrifying site.
Officers spotted the seven-week-old German Shepherd mix puppy with Gonzalez, and requested him to hand it over immediately.

The dog had his legs and tail glued together.

Gonzalez faces a number of charges in relation to the driving incident and Metro Animal Control said he also will be charged with abuse.

It’s so outrageous that animals have to suffer this way at the hands of humans. I really hope this poor puppy made a full recovery and is much happier now.
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