Ellen reunites Marine with his wife, but when curtain falls away she’s holding baby he never met

If you’ve ever known anyone in the military – or indeed served yourself – you’ll be aware that military families don’t have it too easy.

On the contrary, serving men and women often miss out on landmark occasions including birthdays, weddings, and funerals, not to mention the fact they can sometimes spend months apart while on active duty.

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Which is why the stories/videos of soldiers reuniting with loved ones are generally so powerful. They remind us how much we take being able to see our own loved ones for granted, often evoking tearful reactions.

If that’s the case for you then you’ll love this particular story, which concerns Ellen DeGeneres and an unsuspecting guest named Jessica Gerren.
Ellen’s surprise
Jessica’s husband Christopher was deployed to Afghanistan a few months after their daughter’s first birthday. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Jessica was also pregnant with the couple’s second child, Remington. Unfortunately, Christopher missed the birth.

Despite being away for almost seven months, the marine bore his burden in the name of his country, and Jessica held down things at home until his return.

She could never have guessed what a surprise Ellen had for her, however. The famous host first surprised Jessica, before then interviewing her on what it’s like to be a military wife. Then, suddenly, Corporal Christopher Gerren appeared on a screen behind the sofas.

No sooner had Jessica glimpsed her husband did she become emotional. A few moments later, though, and Ellen had to pause the show due to what she said was a technical glitch. As Jessica watched Ellen head to talk with the producer she was met with a truly incredible surprise … her hubby was there in the flesh!
You see, Jessica had no clue that Christopher had returned to the States, and her reaction was one worth savoring. Jessica leapt from the sofa and ran straight into Christopher’s arms.

Watch the clip below to see the happy reunion!

Not only that, but Ellen later went on to learn that the couple had never been on a honeymoon, and so set them up with an all-expenses paid trip to St. Lucia. Then, going one further, she teamed up with Groupon to give the family an additional $10,000.

This family certainly isn’t going to forget their appearance on Ellen Show anytime soon!
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