Furious bus driver kicks off all passengers when they refuse to make room for man in weekchair

For those with disabilities who rely on public transport to get around, life can be very difficult.

Us able-bodied people should do all we can to help make the lives of people with special needs easier.

One way that we can help is to make space on public transport for those with disabilities.

Not moving for someone in a wheelchair trying to board a train or bus is unthinkable but sadly, it happens.

In Paris disabled man François Le Berre was left out in the cold when passengers refused to make space for him on a bus.

The bus driver decided to give these thoughtless passengers a taste of their own medicine and a day that François would never forget.
François, who has multiple sclerosis, was waiting to board a bus in Paris, but couldn’t get on as passengers refused to make room for him.

“No-one wanted to move despite the access ramp,” François told the Huffington Post.

The driver was so incensed by the passengers on his bus he stood up and told everyone to get off and wait for the next one.

“Terminus! Everybody down!” the driver announced, according to François’ Facebook post.
“Everyone did it, but some people did grumble a bit,” he added.

The driver then told the passengers, “Everyone might need a wheelchair one day.”

François and his brother then enjoyed a ride on a bus all to themselves.

The story went viral after it was shared on Twitter by the “Accesible pour tous” (Accessible for All) association.
The post received thousands of likes and shares with many praising the actions of the bus driver.

“Congratulations to this driver who emptied his bus to allow a disabled person to ride. Nice lesson. I hope the other passengers understood!” one post read.

“A superb reaction from this bus driver,” another post read.

RATP, Paris’s public transit system operator, wants to track down the driver of the bus so he can be praised for his commendable actions, CTV News reported.

This story is a wonderful reminder of the kindness we must show to others in our everyday lives. One small act can make a world of difference to those who are struggling.

Please share to pay tribute to this thoughtful bus driver who stood up for a person in need and taught those selfish people around him a lesson.

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