Furious man pulls knife on woman in street, doesn’t realize homeless pit bull has her back

A bull dog roaming the streets appeared to have already lived a sorry life when he put himself in even bigger harm’s way

He was the dog with no name, no home and was covered in scars. He also had a badly bent back leg, likely caused by a collision with a car.

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But despite his bruised and battered life he didn’t even hesitate when he spotted a complete stranger in trouble in Baldwin, Georgia.

His actions left him close to death.

The stray pit bull saw a man and a woman having a heated argument. When the man pulled out a knife, the dog immediately jumped in to protect the woman.

In saving the woman’s life, he was stabbed five times and was left fighting for his life.

Sgt. Timothy Clay and Daniel Seeley discovered the dog on the floor, bleeding to death.

They contacted a local veterinarian who was willing to re-open her clinic just to help the brave, dying dog.
‘Almost died twice’
When the pitbull was operated on he almost died twice during surgery; thankfully he survived. He was given the appropriate name of Hero.

Carla Welch, Founder of pit bull rescue Fighting for the Bullys in Knoxville, Tennessee, found out about Hero’s story and launched a You Caring page in an effort to help pay for his vet bills.

After a few weeks of rest and recovery, not to mention some well deserved love and attention, he was put up for adoption.

“This dog was meant to live,” Carla Welch told The Dodo. “He is amazing. The poor thing has had a hellish life. His life changed from yesterday on.”
Not long after he found the forever home he deserves and can now enjoy a life of love and comfort.

The officers who found Hero told The Dodo, “[We] are extremely grateful to all of the people involved with helping save Hero’s life.

“Unfortunately, we see a lot of bad things, but it’s incidents like this that make you feel great about your job.”

So happy the officers saved this pup. It is terrible that the woman the dog saved just walked away leaving him bleeding to death.
What a cold hearted woman. Thank goodness Hero survived & found a loving home. ❤️?

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