Girl builds ‘birthday boxes’ after discovering some classmates can’t afford to have parties

Girl builds ‘birthday boxes’ after discovering some classmates can’t afford to have parties

When we think of people less fortunate than us we often think of them struggling to buy food, clothing and other essentials that we take for granted.

But one big-hearted 9-year-old noticed something else.

When Bella Smith discovered that some of her classmates were missing a birthday celebration she decided to do something about it.

This amazing young lady’s idea has now gone viral as her sweet gesture has captured the hearts of so many others.
When Bella was in first grade (aged 7) a fellow student told her that his family couldn’t afford to have a party for him.

So this clever young lady decided to do something about it and started a project called Bella’s Boxes.

Bella, now in third grade, attends Wyan-Pine Grove Elementary School, in Kentucky, where 80 percent of students are impoverished, according to Good Morning America.

Through a backpack club which provides meals to the very needy students over the weekend Bella distributes her birthday boxes for those children with a special day coming up.
Bella fills her “birthday boxes” with cake mix, balloons, icing and sprinkles.

Bella receives all supplies through donations from community members. For her own birthday, March 26, she requests birthday box donations instead of gifts, according to Good Morning America.

So far Bella has provided 65 of her fellow students with these celebratory boxes and is still going strong.

“I thank God for the opportunity for letting me be able to shine my light and show that I love my neighbor,” Bella told Good Morning America.

Bella, you are awesome! Someone is doing a great job raising this sweet, thoughtful girl!

For a girl this young to recognize a problem and do something about it is truly inspirational.

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