Grizzly bear belly flops into pool – now watch when he turns around and gives camera huge smile

It’s the middle of summer; the sun is shining and we’re spending plenty of time outdoors just soaking it up!

Here’s one guy who is clearly very excited about summer. Well, grizzly bear, to be more specific. The bear named Bruiser lives in Single Vision, a nature conservation center in Florida, USA, which cares and preserves endangered species.

This video was shot some time ago, but it never fails to make me smile. It was a hot summer day when Bruiser decided, well, to go for a swim. Or more specifically — a belly flop.

Thankfully, an animal welfare worker decided to grab their camera and film the whole scene — including the bear’s epic smile at the end.

This video has been seen by millions — and understandably so. What better inspiration than Bruiser to remind us to make the most out of our summer?

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