Hallelujah! ‘Image of Christ’ appears in the clouds above Argentina

Wow! If this isn’t proof that God exists, we don’t know what is!

A simple photo, taken with a smartphone, is making the rounds on the internet. People have spotted the detail that’s getting people on their knees and praising Jesus. Why? Because the photo may be of one of Jesus himself.


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Just take a look for yourself.

Doesn’t that light in the clouds have an uncanny resemblance to Jesus?

The photo was taken by a woman named Monica Aramayo in San Salvador de Jejuy, Argentina, which happens to be a very fervently Catholic town, according to the Daily Mail.

Doesn’t it also look like this photo, taken in Italy? Or even the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Brazil?

In the photo, one can clearly make out the head and the shoulders of Christ. His long torso shines down on the town below. We’re sure many residents felt particularly blessed that day!
People see Christ in many everyday objects, like toast and paint splatters. But we think that the true image of Christ is in every person who does good in the world. Please share if you agree, but were also in awe of this amazing photo!

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