Here’s what happens to your body if you haven’t drank alcohol for 28 days

According to some scientists, 21-28 days abstinence is what you need to break a bad habit.

While for many, drinking may be a small part of life – something people partake in as a source of fun or to relieve some stress – for others it can be a problem.


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In any case, there are some very genuine health benefits to be had from not drinking, not to mention the fact you’re sure to save a lot of money.

But just how much of a difference can abstaining from alcohol altogether make? Research published in the British Medical Journal in 2018 shows that cutting alcohol out can impact you in several different ways …

The study in question showed that quitting drinking can lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, reduce the level of cancer-related proteins in the body and much, much more.

Here are just a few changes your body will experience if you give up booze for a month:

Hunger drive
With alcohol completely out of your diet, it’s not unusual for a person to have more of an appetite. This is because the body can be craving sugars and foods in the absence of sugar from drinking.

As a result, it can be good to have snacks and food around if you’re aiming to give up.
Quality of sleep
Sure, drinking might help you get to sleep quicker, but the quality of your sleep is different.

For example, one study claims that alcohol can reduce REM sleep, commonly associated with dreaming. Staying away from alcohol might mean you have more dreams, and that you can remember them.

Not only that, but those who don’t drink should find it easier to get up in the morning, since blood alcohol level concentration effects the ability of the body to fall asleep and wake up.

Healing of organs
It might come as little surprise, but your insides get better when you cut out alcohol. Within just two weeks of abstaining, your liver will begin the process of healing itself. When people drink regularly, the liver cells can scar and die. It can repair itself, though it’s a slow process, one made quicker by not drinking alcohol.
Not only that, but alcohol can have an effect on how your skin looks. Amongst other things, it can cause early ageing and dryness, and so quitting can give you better skin.

Lastly, your stomach function will improve when you stop drinking alcohol, which causes an increase in the production of stomach acid.

Weight loss
Alcoholic beverages tend to have plenty of calories in them, with many people reporting noticeable weight loss when they stop drinking. On average, it’s thought between 6-8Ibs can be shed every month. Not a bad return at all!

Visible signs
Another one that might be fairly obvious, but your appearance can change for the better when you stop drinking regularly. This includes losing things such as dark circles under the eyes and facial swelling, as well as acne and inflammation of the skin. Your teeth will also be better for it, as without alcohol the chances of you developing cavities is lower and the enamel in your teeth becomes stronger.
Furthermore, over time your sense of smell and taste become better.

Clear thinking
Millions of brain cells can be killed through drinking, with the brain actually swelling a bit when you consume alcohol. The dying of cells is a slow process, but one that becomes serious over time.

Staying away from alcohol for a month puts you on the path to sobriety, and at the very least gives your body a respite from a toxin that can and will harm it if abused.

Well, my eyes have certainly been opened. Of course I knew alcohol wasn’t great for your body, but I’d never really considered how many things could change if I took a break from it.
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