Jimmy Kimmel’s son Billy celebrates second birthday after surviving two heart surgeries

Jimmy Kimmel may be an ever-cheerful, happy-go-lucky face on American television, but he’s had his fair share of tribulations behind closed doors.

His son, Billy, was born with a congenital heart condition known as Tetralogy of Fallot with pulmonary atresia, and had his first surgery after just three days on this earth.

Jimmy delivered an impassioned 13-minute monologue at the time, hailing surgeon Dr. Vaughn Starnes as having used ‘some kind of magic’, and stating the procedure was the longest three hours of his life.

Today, Billy is faring far better, with Jimmy having taken to Instagram on Sunday to share a delightful message of thanks.

This Easter was another grateful day of celebration for Jimmy Kimmel, as his son Billy turned 2-years-old.

Kimmel marked the occasion by paying tribute on social media to all those who had helped and prayed for his son in his most desperate hour of need.

Despite undergoing two heart surgeries in his first year, little Billy showed his fighting spirit and pulled through, much to the delight of everyone closely following his battle.

Of course, Jimmy is perfectly right in offering his praise to all the wonderful medical staff who helped to save his son’s life. The people who dedicate their lives to helping others are amongst the most commendable in any society, and it’s only through their hard work and thankless care that people like Billy are able to survive things that would otherwise certainly kill them.
Jimmy, we’re so happy you can celebrate your son’s birthday with a smile on your face now.

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