McDonald’s worker lured outside by customer only to break down in tears when she realizes it’s an ambush

It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, McDonald’s worker Vicky Anderson is always ready to serve with a smile on her face.

When Wichita businessman Chris Ellis first drove through the McDonald’s in South Hutchinson in Kansas it was 6.30 a.m. and yet there was Vicky ready to serve him with a smile on her face.


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Chris made a point of going there regularly and the two developed a special bond. Little did Vicky know what that cheery face and good service would reward her with.

One day when the two were chatting Chris learned that Vicky had to give up her car after repairs to it would end up costing her more than the car was worth.

Chris left McDonald’s that morning wanting to help Vicky.

His son had just bought a new car and was selling his old one but instead Chris asked if he could buy it off him.

Chris’ son Josh Ellis sold it to his dad for a discounted price as it was for a good cause. Josh even got an oil change, cleaned the car and had the tires rotated.
The two went to Vicky’s place of work and told her boss that they wanted to speak to her.

Vicky thought she was being fired but instead she was greeted by one her favorite customers and his son.

Chris asked her to step outside and handed her an envelope and car keys and pointed to the car that now belonged to her.

Vicky was left open-mouthed. As the news sunk in she started to cry and, as you can see in the video below, eventually became very overwhelmed by the huge gesture.
“I thought he was kidding again,” Vicky told The Wichita Eagle. “Who just does that? I mean really.”

Watch Vicky’s surprise when she is gifted the car in the video below.


There are still some very good people out there in the world today.

What a wonderful surprise for this hard working lady who clearly deserves such a kind gesture.
God bless you Vicky and your family ???

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