Mom sings “I Love You” at baby girl, only for comeback to have everyone rolling

So much of a child’s early education comes from singing. You can even start singing to your baby before he or she is born.

Singing to your baby helps the bonding process, it also teaches them about language and communication in a very fun way.


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The mom you’re about to see in this video is teaching her adorable baby girl three very important words by singing it in the cutest way.

Her little girl’s response is melting hearts around the nation. The video has attracted more than 8 million views and when you watch it you’ll understand why.
According to Babycenter children can say their first word from as young as six months old with nouns usually coming first; after that there’s no stopping them.

Then between 18 months and two years they’ll begin to form two to four word sentences.

In the video below the baby girl is 15 months old and while she doesn’t say the words perfectly she has the basic sounds down.

Thankfully Mom had the camera rolling while she sang the words “I love you” in a very fun way.
But it’s the little girl’s attempt to copy those words in exactly the same way her mom did that is causing hearts to melt.

It’s the most adorable exchange and I could watch it all day.

See for yourself in the video below and get ready to hit the replay button. Millions of other people also cannot get enough of this clip.

Kids say the cutest things and it’s so smart of this mom to record this exchange. We parents forget so much!
Please share this very cute video with all the parents you know to remind them how lucky they are.

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