Mom’s fussy toddler leaps into technician’s arms, only for comeback to be one mom can’t ignore

Getting through the ‘toddler’ period can be difficult for any parent. It’s the age wherein your kids are beginning to learn that they don’t simply have to take orders without argument, and the age where they’re mobile enough to cause problems around the house.

In sort, toddlers are vastly unpredictable. Sometimes they can be little angels, sometimes they can be the devil’s spawn.


Me çka po nxeheni në këto ditë të ftohta ?

Jessica Donnahoo was experiencing one of those days whereupon her son was sitting in the latter category. 3-year-old Sailor had decided to be extra fussy on that Saturday morning, and to make matters worse Jessica was waiting on a technician to come and set up her TV for streaming. Little did she know Rob Kinney’s arrival would herald a headline-worthy series of events …

Jessica’s son Sailor was adopted at birth and suffers from two rare brain conditions. He has optic nerve hypoplasia, which means he’s blind and therefore finds it difficult to cope with new learning. He also suffers from a seizure disorder that heightens his senses, making him more sensitive and thereby causing him to be fussier on certain days.

Technician Rob Kinney works for Spectrum. He arrived at Jessica’s house to set up her streaming service, but upon arrival realized there was more he could help with. She was in the process of trying to soothe Sailor ….

No sooner had Rob spoke than did Sailor reach out his hands to touch the new stranger in his home. Rob, who could easily have taken a step back and awkwardly ignored the young boy, instead embraced him, granting the child the attention he was desperately seeking.

“He would bounce Sailor using one arm to hold him and make internet adjustments with the other. As a Momma, I was incredibly grateful for his kindness,” Jessica said.
It turned out Rob himself was a single father of a four-year-old, and so knew the sort of pressure Jessica was facing. He, in turn, was quick to praise Sailor’s parents.

Worthy of praise
“For them to adopt him and take care of him on a daily basis is much more than what I did for a short period of time,” he explained.

“God really has blessed that family and will continue to do so because of the kind and gentle spirit they have. They deserve more recognition than anyone.”

They may deserve such recognition, but it’s certainly honorable of Rob to actively acknowledge it all the same. To take charge of the situation in such a kind and understanding way means he’s deserved of praise too!
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