Mother finds out here boys were rude to the bus driver, devises ‘perfect punishment’

All parents have their own methods of raising their children.

In my opinion, it is not something that outsiders should put in. It is a private matter.


Me çka po nxeheni në këto ditë të ftohta ?

However, everyone can, and should, require parents to raise their children to respect other people and their profession.

When Jenn Brown, a mother from Montana, USA, found out that her sons were behaving badly, she knew she wasn’t going to stand for it.

After the boys were rude to their bus driver, she devised what she thought was the perfect punishment.

But far from everyone agreed. Did the young kids deserved it or did she go too far? You decide.
Jenn Brown, a mother from Harrow, Ontario, was recently forced to defend her actions when people around the world took notice of her parenting after she posted her sons’ punishment on social media.

It all started when Jenn received a call from her sons’ elementary school and was informed that her kids were having “bad bus behavior”.

For Jenn, this was totally unacceptable.

If her seven- and ten-year-old boys couldn’t act properly on the school bus, Jenn decided they wouldn’t be riding it all.
Instead, they would walk, regardless of the weather conditions.

In order to teach her young boys a lesson, she forced them to walk to school the next morning.

Jenn thought she had the appropriate solution. She took photo and posted it to Facebook and it immediately started going viral.

The picture showed her boys walking to school with a sign that read, “Being bad and rude to our bus driver. Mom’s making us walk,” as the punishment for acting out.
She told her sons that they wouldn’t be allowed back on the bus if their behavior didn’t improve and decided to do something harsh about it to drive the message home.

The walk to school, which was just under 4.5 miles, took the boys two hours to complete.

While some praised her creativity, others laid into the mom as she received immense backlash.

“This was my reaction as a parent, what I felt I was going to do to help them understand the bus is a privilege, it’s not a given right,” Brown explained, according to CTV News Windsor.
“Is it far to make them walk 7.2 km? Yes. But to teach them a lesson, I didn’t have a choice,” Jenn added.

t was her friend’s idea to use a sign and that sign attracted the most anger and the harshest criticism from those who did not approve.

According to Jen, she made it because it would prevent people from stopping to offer the boys a ride.

Her decision to post the photo on social media fueled the controversy as many called it “shaming” and scolded the mother for it.
Now, Jenn regret her decision to post the image, which she never expected to go viral.

“Did I think that many people would be interested in me walking my kids to school? Absolutely not. Would I have put it on Facebook if this was going to be the outcome? Absolutely not,” Brown said, according to iHeart Radio.

“Have I learned a lesson? Yes, the power of social media is very powerful and when someone sees a story, they pick what they want and they make their own story.”

But, not everyone disapproved.
Jenn actually got a card from the school bus driver, thanking her for teaching her boys a lesson.

The mother of two received a fair share of praise too. Some parents thought is was the ”perfect punishment”.

“I started getting friend requests, I can’t tell you how many inbox messages I got from all over, telling me good job and good for you,” she recalled.

“It made me feel like I was actively taking a stance on what my kids are doing. He (the bus driver) felt appreciative that I’m trying to straighten them out. Would I do it again? Yes. With the sign, no,” Jenn said.
Perhaps a little loss of face actually helps humans, both adults and children, learn important lessons?

After all, when furious social media users decided to berate Jenn, they also shamed her, and it caused the desired effect they had hoped for.

Maybe the good thing about that is that Jenn felt regret and decided to do things differently next time.

And, it seems the same can be said about her boys after the punishment they received.
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