Pastor’s son hops up on stage before service starts, delivers sermon and has entire church in stitches

For all the exhaustion, sleepless night and constant worrying, raising a child is no easy feat.

Constantly monitoring your own behavior and how you respond in situations can be difficult but as parents we learn that this is vital as our kids copy everything they see us do.


Me çka po nxeheni në këto ditë të ftohta ?

You might think this kicks in when children learn to walk and talk but the video you’re about to see shows it starts much earlier.

The boy you’re about to see is only 19 months old and is already copying the actions and mannerisms of his father.

Thankfully someone caught this priceless performance, which immediately went viral on Facebook. When you see it you’ll understand why as it cannot fail to raise a smile.

Levi Marlow from North Carolina is only 19 months old but already he is showing signs of wanting to follow in his father’s foosteps.

His father is Pastor Ryan Marlow and based on his son’s performance, is clearly passionate when talking in front of church-goers.

Adorable Levi can’t even say many words yet but has the gestures and passion of his father down to a tee.

He’s clearly doing just what his dad does; his own toddler sermon in baby babble has the congregation howling with laughter.

His dad posted the recording on YouTube with the words: “Levi just hopped onto the platform before service began, and started doing what he sees his daddy do: preach.

“He’s 19-months old and only babbles in baby talk. This time it seems he had something important to say!”

Thousands of people have watched his ‘sermon’ on YouTube, which was posted after the video went viral on Facebook.

Not one of us could understand a word of what this adorable boy is saying but the passion with which he delivers his special speech is so endearing.
Watch this hilarious toddler deliver his first ever sermon in the clip below. It’s priceless.

Parents be warned, kids really do copy everything we do!

Please share this adorable video with all your friends who are parents and help remind them of the precious moments our children gift us with.

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