‘Selfless’ 10-year-old shaves her head and donates 30 inches of hair to non-profit

When 10-year-old Lola told her mom, Nikki Myszewski, that she wanted a haircut, Nikki was caught off guard.

In fact, she was “STUNNED” because for so long Lola had long hair. Nikki said it was a part of who her daughter was.

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But after Lola came across a video of an 11-year-old raising money for pediatric cancer research, she realized she was more than her long hair.

Although Nikki was touched by her daughter’s “genuine, heartfelt connection,” she was concerned.

“I was worried shaving her head would ‘defeminize’ her during an important time in her development,” she said.

They settled on cutting off 18 inches, but Lola wanted to donate it all.

“I am more beautiful than my haircut. I WANT to do this.”
In the end, Lola donated a total of 30 inches of hair to Wigs 4 Kids.
“My precious beautiful little girl just showed me that beauty is far deeper than her hair. She showed us her selfless, generous heart and we are SO proud,” Nikki said.

What a selfless act, Lola. We can all learn a lesson or two from you!

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