Stranger lifts up lady and carries her away, but what he does next is being shared around the world

Going to a live show of any kind is an exciting experience and most often a break from the norm.

When Thomas and Shayla Harwell attended the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo featuring Brad Paisley they also took their two-year-old daughter.

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The couple never thought they would be the focus of the whole arena but Thomas did something to attract everyone’s attention.

The family sat in their seats ready to see the show when they noticed an older woman struggling down the stairs.

“She was having a rough time,” Shayla Harwell told CNN. “I nudged my husband and told him that they may need help.”

Then Thomas approached the woman.

The Texan firefighter asked the lady if she needed help and for most it might have stopped there.

But this family was special.

The older lady was with her daughter and granddaughters.

Thomas and his family kept an eye on the lady knowing that she would probably need help on the way out.
“I helped her downstairs, and I wasn’t going to leave until I helped her upstairs,” Thomas Harwell told CNN.

Thomas asked the woman if he could pick her up and she hesitated at first and then agreed.

She posted the picture on Facebook, which has since gone viral, with the words:

“I have to brag on my husband big time tonight! He made me Soo proud. As we were sitting in our seats waiting for the rodeo to start I noticed an elderly lady ( pictured below) her grown daughter and 2 young granddaughters trying to come down the stairs. The elderly lady was having a rough time. I pointed them out to Thomas Harwell and said they may need help. Not only did he help get her to her seat, but she did not have the strength to come back up the stairs. So, he carried her!”
When they arrived at the top of the stairs and Thomas put the lady down she was “grinning ear to ear”, Shayla said.

She had the biggest smile on her face and couldn’t stop thanking Thomas.

This everyday hero has been working as a firefighter for 15 years and says if someone needs help you should never hesitate.

“My job is to help people,” he added.

He added that he and his wife didn’t help the woman for attention.

”If you’re alive and breathing, you shouldn’t need an excuse to help someone else,” Thomas Harwell said.

”If they need help, help them.”

What an amazing man you are Thomas!

He is the very definition of all that is right and good in this world. God bless this fireman and his thoughtful wife and all who help those in need. ?

Thank you for showing the world what it’s like to sincerely help others!

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