Teacher spots ‘firefighter’ and ‘angel’ in clouds on September 11

Teacher spots ‘firefighter’ and ‘angel’ in clouds on September 11

How many times have you looked up at the sky and seen a familiar shape? Maybe the clouds resembled the ocean or perhaps they looked like a dog.

Matt Snow was on his way to work on September 11, 2109 when he looked up in the sky and noticed something that made him do a double-take.

As the sun rose and illuminated the clouds, the outline of two figures became visible.
“Doesn’t it look a firefighter running with a hose and an angel with the sun perfectly behind it?” he wrote on Facebook.

Matt snapped a photo of the clouds as he drove to work and shared it on Facebook where it amazed many.

He wondered, was this cloud formation a sign?

The teacher, who lives near Jacksonville, Florida, told FOX 35 that he and his wife drive that same road every morning and it was the first time they spotted such a cloud formation. Perhaps it was a sign, considering it was September 11.
“Out of all days, today it looked like that.”

Wow. What a beautiful sight. I believe it was a sign.

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