Teen sings “Hallelujah” like an angel, but when choir joins in things become pure heaven

Though it doesn’t always ring true, there are times when experimenting with different musical elements can really pay off.

That was certainly the case when solo artist McKenna Breinholt paired up with the Cinematic Pop Orchestra and Choir to offer a simply unmissable rendition of “Hallelujah“.

Of course, it’s a song that’s been covered a thousand times and one, and the chances are it will be continue to be covered for a long time yet. Leonard Cohen’s classic isn’t easy to do proper justice to … but every now and then a rendition comes around that stands out from the crowd.
Enter McKenna Breinholt, who at just 16-years-old stole the show at the Mesa Arts Center in Mesa, Arizona, in June, 2015.

It should go without saying that “Hallelujah” is not simple song to perform. Sure, anyone can get up there and have a go, but a tune of such magnitude presents a serious degree of complexity when it comes to making a performance memorable.

Fortunately, McKenna is packed full of talent, and accompanied by an entire orchestra of instruments, she’s nothing short of breathtaking.

The song begins with the instruments playing together, before McKenna joins in and takes things to a whole new level. It’s not difficult to see why she was chosen as the group’s songstress!

We could go on and on in explaining just why this performance is so great, but it’s far easier for you to simply see what we’re talking about yourself.

Watch McKenna and the orchestra in action in the video below:

We know, right, have you ever heard “Hallelujah” like that before?

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