There’s a Beer Train in Colorado that gives you a day-long mountain adventure, and it’s epic

There are many ways to complement a beer, and having a stunning view is certainly one of them.

Fortunately, for those beer lovers who like something nice to at while they drink (and we’re talking scenery, not seedy) we’ve got good news. There’s an actual beer train you can board that will take you on a breathtaking tour of Colorado.


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Introducing the Durango Brew Train … which is basically one of the most awesome things we’ve stumbled upon.

In short, while supping on the state’s finest beers, you’ll be taken through the prettiest parts of Colorado, ending in one of the most scenic areas.

The trip begins on board an authentic locomotive from the 1920s, before leaving the small city of Durango and riding through the Animas Valley. Whilst supping your beer of choice, you’ll travel hundreds of feet above the Animas River. Needless to say, the views will make you dizzier than the beer.

Christian Robbins, marketing director for the train, said: “You could just look out the train, and there’s this huge 500-foot cliff down to the river you’re looking over.”

Passengers onboard will be offered a selection of beers to try, with experts there to explain the brewing process behind each one.

Then, once you’ve had a few brewskis, it’s on to the final destination: Cascade Canyon Wye. This includes exploring the San Juan National Forest and a waterfall to enjoy.

Finishing up, you get lunch … with even more beer.

Tickets cost either $109 or $169, depending on whether you want standard or premium.

All aboard the steam train?

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