Thief steals Tom’s phone while he’s asleep in the park, karma strikes with full force

There’s nothing that annoys me more than people who don’t know the difference between what’s mine and what’s theirs.

Is it really so hard not to steal the property others? I can understand that some people struggle and have to take shortcuts in life due to bad conditions, but I don’t think stealing is a good strategy in the long run.

No, thieves and burglars deserve their punishment – but unfortunately it’s all too rare that they actually get brought to justice.
Tom Mabe is one of those people who seem to share that sentiment, and he’s grown tired of just accepting it. He’s become famous online for being a master at catching wrongdoers – and millions of people watch and love his videos.

The thief completely panics
And this time he lays a trap for phone thieves. Tom and his friends film as he puts on different outfits and sets up situations where thieves have the opportunity to steal his cellphone. However, little do the scummy wrongdoers know that Tom has installed a remote-controlled stun gun in the phone.

Whoever holds the phone when he presses the remote instantly gets tazed. It’s not dangerous or bad for their health, but it hurts – and more than a little bit. This all makes for some hilarious scenes where the sneaky thieves get caught red-handed.

Tom even asks one man if he’s seen his phone, and the man has it hidden in his pocket. But he denies having seen it, after which Tom presses a button on the remote – and the man has to throw away the phone in panic.

This is amazing!

I’m sure these people never stole a phone again! It’s wonderful seeing wrongdoers getting a serving of karma, and I’m sure many of us know the pain of losing important belongings!

Now watch the brilliant clip!

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