This 101-year-old woman still working as a hair stylist she has some wise words for us all

So many of us are just waiting for retirement when we can devote our time to doing the things we love each day.

But what if what we love to do is work? For Callie Terrell waking up every day and working as a beautician not only makes her happy but she thinks is the reason why she’s still strong and healthy at 101 years old.

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The grandmother, from Memphis, Tennessee, says people often express shock at her still working at 101 years old.

“I guess it’s not a lot of 101-year-old people in Memphis still working because they say, ‘Still working?’ Well, I’m still alive,” she told WREG.
When local media covered her 100th birthday celebrations last year she told reporters she was ready to retire but now she’s changed her mind.

“Well if you don’t use it, you lose it and people want me to work on them and they pay me, so why not do it,” she said.

The inspirational lady says doing what she loves every day has helped keep her young – she credits her long life to being able to love the work she does.

“I guess my secret is just working and keeping busy because that’s what I’ve done. I had a very successful business and what I do, I enjoy doing. I’m thankful I’m physically able to do some of the things I used to do,” she told WREG.

Callie also shared some wise words for young people who want to live their best life.

“Just do the right thing. What I mean is, you may be a church person. You believe in the Bible? Just live it,” she said. “Love people. Regardless of who they are. If they don’t love you in return it doesn’t matter.”

Find out more about this remarkable woman in the clip below.

Beautiful, keep performing your passion Callie! You have a wealth of knowledge and have seen so much! I would love to sit in your chair.
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