This is Elvis Presley’s grown-up grandson, who looks just like his legendary grandfather

In relation to music, there’s only one genuine King! Elvis Presley captured the hearts of various ages with his voice and unique ability. The way that his music lives on today is demonstration of his immortal capacity.

Obviously, in spite of Elvis’ passing on August 16, 1977, there have been numerous paranoid fears fuelling the possibility that he’s not really gone. Actually, I’ve never been persuaded by any of them. I’ve wanted to simply acknowledge the fact and appreciate the music he left behind.


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However when I saw these photos of Elvis’ only grandson – Lisa Marie’s 26-year-old child – Benjamin, I stopped in my tracks and wanted to share these for anyone who misses Elvis as Benjamin is the spitting picture of his granddad.

Elvis burst on to the scene as a 20-year-old, and music was never the same again.

Today, his only grandson, Benjamin, is all grown up, leaving Elvis fans everywhere throughout the world in awe at the similarity between them.

In a specific light one could nearly be deceived into believing that Elvis is as yet alive …

The Tuple-conceived whiz was hitched to Priscilla Presley and they had one tyke together – Lisa Marie Presley, who has four offspring of her own.

Tragically, Elvis never got the chance to meet his grandkids, but it would definitely warm his heart to realize that his grandson looks like his double.

The King of Rock and Roll was born in Mississippi and moved to Tennessee when he was 13.

His profession started in the mid-50s, when he recorded a melody with Sam Phillips for Sun Records.

A while later, Elvis marked a record manage RCA Victor and discharged his first enormous hit.

The rise of “Heartbreak Hotel” to the top of the charts was a very fast one.

Before the finish of the 60’s, Elvis had turned out to be a standout amongst the most compelling specialists in rock n’roll history.

His appearances were provocative to a few, however the general population who gone to his shows were left amazemed by the sheer ability to entertain.

When he passed on of a heart attack in 1977, the world was left to lament the icon.

The King never got the opportunity to meet his grandson, yet there’s no mixing up the blood lines in 26-year-old Benjamin’s veins.

Although Benjamin Keough didn’t follow his granddad’s love for music … the likenesses are amazing.

Take a look at the video clip below:

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