Tired 60-year-old mother gets such a drastic makeover daughter can’t even recognize her

Who doesn’t like to refresh their look every once in awhile? Whether it be new clothes, a fresh haircut, or a complete makeover, a change in your look can do wonders.

Kim, a woman from the Midwest, knew for years that she wanted to celebrate her 60th birthday in style. She wanted a makeover by the one and only Makeover Guy, Christopher Hopkins. She shared her hopes with her daughter and that was that.
Unbeknownst to her, Kim’s daughter paid close attention. She wanted her mother to have a stellar 60th birthday.

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As Kim’s big day approached, her family worked behind the scenes to make sure her birthday wish was fulfilled.

“On my 60th birthday they gave me a clue on a card every half an hour and at the very end it revealed that I was coming to the Makeover Guy!” she said in a video.

Kim couldn’t contain her excitement at the Makeover Guy’s salon.
“I’m excited, I just can’t wait,” she told the camera before her big makeover.

When asked if she had any fears about switching up her look, she said, “absolutely not!”

After the Makeover Guy worked his magic it was time for Kim to debut her new look to her family. The makeover was a drastic change from her previous long, dirty-blonde hair, but she loved it. It almost brought her to tears–she didn’t want to cry and mess up her makeup!

“It’s amazing! It’s amazing!” she said.
As Kim admired herself, her family walked in. They stopped in their tracks. They could not believe the woman sitting in front of them was Kim.

Her daughter’s mouth fell to the floor. She could barely say anything, but you could tell how happy she was for her mother’s 60th birthday makeover.

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