Tragedy: 18-year-old dies at Navy recruit boot camp

An 18-year-old Navy recruit from Alabama has died during boot camp in Illinois.

Kelsey Nobles, of Mobile, died Tuesday after collapsing during training at the Navy Recruit Training Center in Great Lakes, Illinois.

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A U.S. Navy spokesperson confirmed the young woman’s death in a statement on Sunday afternoon, calling it a “tragic loss.”
Seaman Recruit Kelsey Nobles, 18, died on Tuesday shortly after she collapsed at the Navy Recruit Training Center in Great Lakes, Illinois, the force’s only boot camp center.

Kelsey Nobles was taken to a civilian hospital where she was pronounced dead.

She was two weeks shy of graduation.

Nobles’ father, Harold, told WKRG-TV that doctors say she went into cardiac arrest. He says she passed out after her physical fitness test.

Her father describes his daughter as a young woman who was “the sweetest soul” and “had the biggest heart.”

Kelsey was full of energy and would give anyone anything, even her last dollar.

The Navy is now investigating the case. This is the second death under similar circumstances at the boot camp in the past few months.

In late February, 20-year-old Navy recruit Kierra Evans of Louisiana, collapsed and died during the final running phase of her fitness test.

Spokesman Lt. Joseph Pfaff told Military Times the deaths have prompted a review and investigation of procedures.

“Recruit Training Command reviewed the training, safety, medical processes, and overall procedures regarding the implementation of the Physical Fitness Assessment and found no discrepancies in its execution,” Pfaff said. “However, there is a much more in-depth investigation going on and, if information is discovered during the course of the investigation revealing deficiencies in our processes and procedures that could improve safety in training, it would be acted on.”

It is always tragic when people die young – so many dreams and goals that will never get the chance to be fulfilled.

Praying for your family & friends! Thank you sweet girl for your service to our Country. ??????❤️❤️❤️???

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