Tragic update: 16-month-old left alone in a hot car for 9 hours has died

A 16-month-old baby has died after being left in a hot car for nine hours.

According to reports, the baby boy was discovered unconscious in a car in Burnaby, in British Columbia, Canada. He was rushed to hospital in a critical condition, but sadly couldn’t be saved.

Chief Supt. Deanne Burleigh labelled the incident an “extremely tragic event.”

According to Global News, the baby was left in the car on a warm day for nine hours.

Police have launched an investigation, but have yet to make any arrests regarding the incident.

Authorities located the boy’s father at the scene and say both parents are co-operating in the investigation. Neither has been arrested.

Chief Supt. Burleigh said the investigation is still in the early stages and officers are in the process of interviewing witnesses, family, neighborhood residents and anyone else in the area.
Experts say it can take just 20 minutes for the inside of a vehicle to reach extreme temperatures on a warm day.

According to CBC News, about 40 to 50 children die in hot cars every year in the U.S.

Parents need to be vigilant
In a press release , Royal Canadian Mounted Police are asking that parents be aware of the dangers of leaving your children in vehicles, particularly as the weather is getting warmer.

“Police are also asking that parents are vigilant when transporting their children, double checking the backseat of the vehicle to ensure it is clear before parking and leaving the vehicle,” the release said.


This is a tragedy that happens too often, every year, babies and animals are left alone in hot cars for hours.

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(Note: The baby in the Facebook image is a generic picture and does not relate to the baby in this article.)

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