Tragic update on woman with Down Syndrome who worked at McDonald’s for 32 years

For some people, working at McDonald’s might not be a big deal, but for Freia, it meant the world.

Because Freia had Down syndrome, some people doubted she’d be able to work and earn a living of her own.

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But in 1984, Freia, then 20 years old, was given a chance at a McDonald’s in Needham. For the next 32 years, she operated the french fry station at the Needham McDonalds and was well-liked by the people in the community.

Sadly, Freia died on April 30, according to CBS.

A memorial service will be held for Freia A. David on June 18 at the George F. Doherty & Son’s Funeral Home in Needham, where her friends, family, and members of the community are invited, according to her obituary on Legacy.

Freia was born and raised in Needham, Massachusetts and moved into the Charles River Center assisted living facility as an adult.

Since the age of 3, she had taken classes at the center, and throughout her life, she had been helped, supported, and grew up as a resident of the center in a group environment.

She was also a part of the Special Olympics, her obituary read.

The center helped her believe in herself and also helped her make contact with McDonald’s.
They thought Freia would succeed, but they hardly could have guessed that she’d become the city’s most beloved customer service professional for over 30 years.

For four hours per day, five days a week, Freia poured her heart and soul into serving customers at McDonald’s.

“It was nice, I’m really happy,” David told CBS Boston. “I like all my friends here.”

According to Anne-Marie Bajwa, who worked at the Charles River Center, Freia was one of the first people to be put in a job in the community.
But the age of 52, Freia decided that it was time to move on.

The love that the community showed Freia at her farewell party was nothing short of inspiring. And Freia deserved nothing less, of course!

Regarding her retirement, Freia told the newspapers that she would get to relax and take care of herself.

Family, friends, colleagues, customers, and even the local media were there to thank her for her life’s work.

She was presented with a certificate acknowledging and thanking her for her achievements. Timothy McCoy, one of the owners of the Needham McDonald’s franchise, spoke.

“Freia’s smile, her enthusiasm, and her daily hugs made our restaurant more than just a restaurant,” he said in his speech.

“We are so sad that she is retiring, but very happy for the time we had to work with her. The McDonald’s of Needham will never be the same without Freia David.”

Anyone who spends 32 years of their life at one job deserves appreciation. Especially if they give it their all day in and day out.
And someone who exemplifies this is Freia!

“For 32 years she worked at McDonald’s of Needham where she served up spectacular French fries, teased her co-workers, and greeted everyone with a smile,” her obituary states.

Please share Freia’s heartwarming story with your friends and loved ones! Rest in peace!

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