Ugly or beautiful? Photographer snaps photos of women with armpit hair and people are torn

What is considered to be “beautiful” varies from culture to culture, and even from person to person. What I believe to be so may not be what you consider to be beautiful, but we can agree to respect each other’s opinions!

But an ongoing debate in our culture is whether or not having armpit hair is beautiful, or even healthy. Most people tend to have very strong opinions about the subject, especially when they are forced to confront the subject itself. Many find armpit hair to be unsightly and disgusting, but the truth is that it’s part of our bodies!


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There is an ongoing movement for a more body-positive attitude toward armpit hair, which means including it in ads, photos, and in the media. The more people see it, the more they’ll accept it, right?

In some cases, yes. In other cases, not so much. Of course, the more we see something, the more we think it’s normal. But there will always be people who oppose it.

Just take a look at the comments on the work of photographer Ben Hopper (as seen in Fabiosa). Some are very positive, applauding him for his bravery in showing off models with sometimes thick and curly armpit hair. Others are not as appreciative.

One woman wrote, “No good …here we are very feminin ..men don’t like this ….that disgust them too ..nothing natural we are not living in prehistoric period.”

Another wrote, “Awesome photo and story!”

Facts About Armpit Hair
While opinions about armpit hair vary, whether you find it beautiful or disgusting, there are some facts you can’t ignore.

1.Armpit hair shaving started in 1915 for cosmetic purposes.
2.Keeping your armpit hair can lead to better under-arm skin health.
3.Armpit hair pulls sweat away from the body.
4.Armpit hair can reduce under-arm friction when engaging in physical activity.
If you were looking for a good excuse to keep your armpit hair, here are at least four!

What do you think about armpit hair? Is it beautiful or repulsive? There are so many reasons to embrace it, but many people don’t like to see the hair. Please share if you want friends and family to weigh in on the issue!

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