Unimpressed newborn stares down doctor, photo goes viral

Who doesn’t love pictures of newborns? Photos of innocent, adorable babies are a surefire way to cheer just about anyone up.

Not only will Isabela Pereira de Jesus’ newborn photos make you smile, but they will make you laugh out loud. The little girl who was born in Rio de Janeiro didn’t waste time showing off her personality to her parents and everyone in the delivery room.

Prior to Isabela’s birth, mom, Daiane de Jesus Barbosa, had hired a photographer to be in the delivery room to capture her daughter’s birth. Not only did the photographer, Rodrigo Kunstmann, capture the birth, but he captured what may be the photo of the year.

He explained that after Isabela was born via c-section, a doctor encouraged her to cry, but rather than cry she stared at the doctor with a scowl that’s now gone viral.

“She opened her eyes wide, but did not cry,” he said. It wasn’t until the doctor cut the umbilical cord that Isabela cried.

“My baby was born courageous,” Daiane said, according to the Daily Mail.

Isabela, who was due on February 20, but born a few days early, is already showing her personality. Daiane said that whenever Isabela gets her diaper changed or nurses she wrinkles her brow.

What a cutie!

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