Vet sounds alarm: Dying animals are afraid and alone – and it’s the owners’ fault

It’s a decision that’s never easy for pet owners: Having their beloved companions put down can truly break someone. Sometimes, however, it’s the last resort to spare the animal unnecessary suffering.

That said, dealing with the moment your pet leaves this world varies from person to person. Sadly, sometimes owners can unintentionally make it more difficult for the animals during their last few moments of life.


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Here, a vet explains what an owner should never do under any circumstances. Every now and then, when he’s in the process of ‘putting a dog to sleep’, the last moments tear his heart apart …
On Twitter, a user named Jessi Dietrich reported that she had once asked a vet about the worst part of his job. He said he finds it hardest to put animals to sleep. What she wasn’t expecting, however, that there’s something more difficult than the euthanasia itself. The way the owners’ handle the procedure can make a huge difference.

According to the vet in question, about 90% of the owners don’t want to be there when their pets are put to sleep. Left alone during their last moments on earth, the animals panic, not understanding why their owners aren’t there. It’s precisely this unimaginable suffering that breaks the vet’s heart every time.

Last moments
The post quickly caught the attention of the masses, and struck a chord with pet owners who went on to share their experiences of the long goodbye.

“He screamed when everyone else touched him so I made sure he was happy and I held my boy and he was purring cause I did,” wrote Kinsey.


“All my three boys, my wife and I were sitting in the living room with our boy Luke. It was the hardest day. I hope he still watches over us,” wrote another owner.


“My family and I had to put my buddy to sleep in May. I stayed with him when his time came and even though it tore my heart and was bad, I’m glad I was there and could give him love,” said another user.

Your pet has been there for you all of his/her life, and deserves your love right up to the last. Even if it hurts, please, don’t leave them alone in their last moments in this world.

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