Women are sharing photos of identical marks on their wrists—and you probably have one too

The body is a strange and wondrous thing. Just think about it for a minute: we have internal organs that keep us alive and moving, and our skin hold them all together. The body is a miraculous system built for efficiency, and it’s beautiful!

But the body is also very mysterious. Doctors and scientists still aren’t sure how some part of our bodies work, why they exist, and how they fit into the bigger picture of our existence. There are still so many mysteries—some just right in front of our noses.
One of those mysteries? Why thousands of women somehow have a beauty mark in the same place on their wrist.

Beauty marks aren’t uncommon, but what’s totally freaking people out is that most women are looking down at their arms are only now realizing that they too have small marks or freckles in the same place as other women. I was sure I didn’t have one until I took off my watch and saw that it was hiding under it all along!

Freckles are just high deposits of melanin on one spot in the skin. So there’s nothing to be afraid of if you have one, unless a doctor says otherwise. In fact, freckles and beauty marks were considered to be very attractive features once upon a time—so beautiful that some people have added fake ones on their skin.

So it’s not the freckles themselves that are freaking people out, but the fact that almost every single woman has found that they have at least one on one of their wrists.
Here’s some photographic proof:


Now that you’ve seen these photos, are you convinced of this phenomenon?

Do you have a wrist freckle? Are you curious if others you know have one too? Please share to get them to be part of the conversation!

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