Your stained clothing may bea sign of a very high IQ

Your stained clothing may bea sign of a very high IQ

We all know that one person who constantly spills food and drink down their clothes, no matter their age.

Some of them are so used to the inevitable spill that they avoid wearing light-colored clothing and even eating out.

As toddlers messy eating is encouraged by child development experts who say it helps children develop their fine motor skills and encourages children to try new foods.

But what about those who never grow out of spilling food all over themselves? Well now it seems there are some positive signs associated with being a messy eater; it may even be a sign of intelligence.
Once we’ve got past the toddler stage and learned how to get food into our mouth without it going everywhere, some of us still remain in the messy eater camp.

But apparently it’s a sign of a disorganized mind, and “the more unorganized your brain is, the more intelligent you are,” according to author of Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation, Steve Johnson.

According to Shared.com you don’t spill drink or food down you because you’re clumsy, but because you’re just prioritizing other important things in your mind and whatever you’re eating or drinking is secondary.

The article says an an intelligent person uses their brain differently than those not so intelligent.
So when you raise food or drink to your mouth you’re carefully calculating how fast you should move and timing it with your mouth opening so you don’t spill anything.

But intelligent people are also thinking about other things so it may be that your food and drink doesn’t quite make all of your mouth in time.

‘Lifelong exploration’
Another article even encourages messy eating and sees it as a sign of “passion” rather than “slovenliness.”

“Keeping a little glimmer of that wide-eyed, high-chair desire to play with our food will ensure that dining continues to be the kind of lifelong exploration that’s both invigorating and satisfying,” writes article author Sarah Baird.
Trying to get a stains out of your clothing can be so frustrating but at least now you can tell yourself it’s due to your high intelligence.

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